Connor Bedard

Here's Connor Bedard mic'd up against Penguins, Sidney Crosby

Listen to Bedard go through his first game in the NHL

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Connor Bedard and Sidney Crosby were both mic'd up for the first game of the season. The Blackhawks took on the Penguins in Pittsburgh for Bedard's debut against his childhood idol, Crosby.

And the results are pretty cool.

Bedard isn't super outspoken. But one funny moment that was hard to miss was Bedard airing his grievances to an official in the third period.

"I have yet to win a draw (faceoff). I think I've tied like five," Bedard said.

"It's tough when you're going up against 87 (Crosby)," the official said.

"He's sick," said Bedard.

It's also fun to see the father-son relationship Nick Foligno and Bedard have established. Foligno pushed him around and hugged him in the locker room after Bedard officially notched his first career point with an assist.

Definitely worth the watch. Hopefully, more Bedard mic'd moments to come.

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