Connor Bedard

When could we know more about Connor Bedard's injury?

Connor Bedard suffered a fractured jaw during the Blackhawks game against the Devils on January 5

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The Chicago Blackhawks placed rookie Connor Bedard on injured reserve on January 6 after he suffered a fractured jaw in the first period of the game against the New Jersey Devils the night prior.

On Tuesday, head coach Luke Richardson revealed they could know more about the severity of Bedard's injury sometime this week.

"We should have more of an update hopefully later today or tomorrow," Richardson told the media on Tuesday morning. "I think he's been home seeing our [doctors]...we'll get more information hopefully tonight, by game time, or tomorrow."

The injury happened midway through the first period when Devils defenseman Brendan Smith laid a big hit on Bedard, who was seen holding his mouth before heading to the locker room. He did not return.

Although there is no exact timeline for Bedard's return, typically a fractured jaw can lead to an absence of four-to-six weeks.

Richardson revealed he once broke his jaw as a player after taking a slapshot to the mouth, and he was sidelined for roughly five and a half weeks, although he was "pretty severe" because he had two plates and 15 screws put in.

"Everybody's a little different and every break's a little different," Richardson said. "He's a skilled player, but you come back fine, and I think you're obviously worried at the beginning, especially if it's your first real big injury like that. But when you get through it, it's just like anything it makes you stronger because you realize your body is very resilient and comes back."

Unsurprising to anybody, Richardson also mentioned Bedard is probably ready to get back on the ice as soon as possible.

"He'll have protection on for a while once he comes back," Richardson said. "He's a guy that's probably already talking about trying to get on the ice. He's the type of guy who wants back out there. Once something like that heals enough, he'll be out on the ice skating. He won't be able to take contact for a while."

"That first game back when you get a whack and it's a little numb, you're a little bit shocked for a second stop and check it. But you're fine," Richardson said. "The body's pretty resilient. This is probably going to be one of his first full injuries. So it might take him a little bit just to feel comfortable when he gets back and trust that."

The Blackhawks currently have nine players on the injured reserve, with two expected to return for Tuesday night's game against the Oilers.

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