Brewers 3rd base coach gave his club the edge over the Cubs Monday night


Baseball is a game that is never fair, nice, or forgiving. And usually, the team that pounces on the other's mistakes comes out on top more often than not. And the Brewers did just that Monday night, beating the Cubs 3-2 on a 6th inning wild pitch from Carl Edwards Jr. 

Edwards is notoriously lacking control in moments, struggling to command his vicious curveball that when thrown right, breaks almost like a waterfall with a biting drop and grace. But last night's curveball resembled more of a dive bomber on a kamikaze mission, slamming hard into the ground - impossible for Willson Contreras to coral in time to avoid Mike Moustakas from scoring. 

Here's what Edwards' can do when commanding his stuff on the mound. 

But what looked like just a play of chance at the plate may have had more going on in the background than the play would suggest. After the game, it came out that the Brewers 3rd base coach Ed Sedar had carefully watched Edwards warm-up, and shared his thoughts on the Cubs reliever with Moustakas at 3rd. 

Edwards would bounce the first pitch he threw to Orlando Arcia, Moustakas would score, and that was essentially the game for the Cubs - who were absolutely flabbergasted by the combination of Wade Miley and reliever Josh Hader Monday night. Now, it doesn't take a baseball savant to know that Edwards' struggles with his command, but just mentioning that in passing gives Moustakas the mental and physical advantage over the Cubs who just reacting instead of anticipating that play.

And while it isn't a massive advantage, Moustakas clearly had the edge on that play as Edwards seemed to arrive late to cover home plate and seemed surprised when Contreras wheeled around to fire a strike back to him. 

Regardless, the Cubs now cling to a one-game lead over the Brewers in the NL Central and every little detail can be the difference between winning and losing this division. And right now, it looks like the Brewers are pressing all the right buttons. 

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