Take a look at the Cubs' ridiculously amazing World Series championship rings


The banner went up on Monday night. Wednesday night the Cubs got their rings.

And they are really something.

The Cubs handed out the jewelry earned a few months back when the team ended its 108-year championship drought, and these diamond-packed rings are a sight to behold.

Take a look:

Here are some of the coolest details, as announced by the team:

"The Chicago Cubs World Series Championship Ring, designed and produced by Jostens, is made from 14-karat white gold. Its top features the traditional Cubs bullseye logo, masterfully crafted from 33 custom-cut genuine red rubies that are surrounded by 72 round white diamonds, all within a circular perimeter made up of 46 custom-cut, genuine blue sapphires. The bezel is surrounded by 108 round white diamonds lifting the Cubs logo to victory and signifying the end of a historic 108-year championship drought. Overall, the ring contains 214 diamonds at 5.5 karats, 3 karats of genuine red rubies and 2.5 karats of genuine sapphires.

"One side features the player's name set atop the iconic W Flag, which is created from 31 round white diamonds and a fire blue corundum understone that forms the 'W.' Silhouette images of Wrigley Field's bricks and ivy surround the flag and the player's number, which sits below the flag.

"The other side features the year 2016 above the iconic Wrigley Field façade and Marquee, displaying the message 'CUBS WIN!' A silhouette of the World Series Trophy sits below the Marquee with a large round white diamond set in the center, signifying the 2016 World Series victory. Two princess-cut diamonds flank the trophy, representing the team's two previous World Series titles. Wrigley Field's bricks complete the background.

"On the palm at the bottom of the outer band is the team's rally cry, 'WE NEVER QUIT.' On the inside of the ring is a custom triple arbor that features the local date and time the championship was won — '11-3-16, 12:47 am' — and the series scores and logos of the three teams the Cubs defeated on their epic journey to becoming 2016 World Series Champions. An image of the infamous goat representing a supposed franchise curse is included on the inner band."

That's right. There's a goat.

And how about this? The team is going to hand out 1,908 of these bad boys. Awesome.

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