Transaction freeze not in place yet, but expected soon for baseball


As baseball season is on hold and the league and teams have had some time to digest their new reality, some of the logistics are starting to get ironed out.

As teams were gathered in spring training facilities at the time of the outbreak, MLB has since started to provide guidelines to teams on what they should and should not do. Memos to teams, the Players Association and agents have been distributed as everyone in baseball figures out the next steps. The commissioner held a conference call with teams on Monday.

Reports have come out on some of the details, but as with everyone else during the pandemic, things are likely to keep moving very quickly. The biggest detail is that a transaction freeze is expected to take place, but it’s not in place yet.

This makes sense that transactions would be put on hold given the uncertainty about simple day-to-day life at the moment.

There are also plenty of other logistical issues that will need to be figured out. Unlike many things currently, some of these are not decisions that will be made quickly due to the complex nature of how contracts, service time and other bits of the inner workings of baseball work.

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