Will anyone hit as many HRs vs. Cubs again as Pujols?


Will anyone hit more home runs against the Cubs someday than Albert Pujols’ 59 — the last of which came in his final career plate appearance against the Cubs on Sunday (assuming he sticks to his plan to retire this year)?

Certainly, others have hit more in the past, including Willie Mays (92), Hank Aaron (87) and Mike Schmidt (78).

But baseball’s return to a balanced schedule next year is going to make it harder for the next slugging rival to get enough at-bats annually to catch the historic big boys among Cubs nemeses.

And among the current list of active leaders in hitting homers against the Cubs, the top two guys behind Pujols have an uphill climb.

In the case of No. 2 Joey Votto, he needs  to pick up the pace dramatically at age 39 next year (the final guaranteed year of his 10-year deal with the Reds) to make up the 11 to reach Pujols’ level.

And in the case of No. 3 Paul Goldschmidt (29 vs. Cubs), he would need to keep up this year’s torrid pace (seven) and play long enough.

Votto’s Reds come to town Tuesday for a three-game series, but the six-time All-Star is out for the rest of the year after having shoulder surgery Aug. 19 for a rotator cuff tear.

Goldschmidt’s Cardinals played their final game of the season against the Cubs Sunday.

Most career home runs vs. Cubs among active players (2022 home runs in parentheses):

  • 59 — Albert Pujols-x (2)
  • 48 — Joey Votto (2)
  • 29 — Paul Goldschmidt (7)
  • 29 — Eugenio Suarez (0)
  • 27 — Andrew McCutchen (2)
  • 25 — Matt Carpenter (2)
  • 18 — Yadier Molina-x (0)
  • 18 — Nolan Arenado (3)
  • 15 — Christian Yelich (4)
  • 14 — Giancarlo Stanton (1)
  • 14 — Josh Bell (0)
  • 14 — Paul DeJong (0)
  • 14 — Adam Duvall (2)

x-Announced retirement, effective end of this season.

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