Andrew Vaughn likely headed to IL with hand injury


The White Sox may be without Andrew Vaughn a little longer than they anticipated. Vaughn hasn’t played since Friday, when he was hit by a pitch in the wrist. Initially the hope was Vaughn would be day-to-day, and Tony La Russa had Vaughn tentatively penciled in to play on Wednesday in the Cubs series finale. But Vaughn says the injury is still aching when he swings “real bad.”

“Like it’s kinda blocking me from swinging because of the pain,” Vaughn said.

Now, La Russa says an IL stint for Vaughn is probable.

“If you think about how long ago it was, it shows you the bruise is deep,” La Russa said. “It’s an area where it’s not about being tough enough to handle it, it just alters everything you do.”

“Right after I couldn’t even hold anything ‘cause it was so banged up,” Vaughn said. “But I can hold a bat, I can take some decent dry swings.”

There’s no worry that the injury is something worse than the team thought. Vaughn reiterated his x-rays and MRI were clean, which is good. It’s just that slow progression hasn’t been enough for the White Sox, so the thinking is to put him on the shelf for at least 10 days, let him heal, and take advantage of the extra roster spot in the meantime.

Regardless of the continued pain for Vaughn, he considers himself fortunate that his injury wasn’t even worse.

“I feel it all the time,” Vaughn said. “It’s not a good place to get hit. I mean, a lot of people get hit there and it breaks. I got pretty lucky that it didn’t break.”

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