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Grifol: Good for Eloy Jiménez to learn to play through pain

Eloy Jiménez has been jogging down the line since returning from a nagging groin injury

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Eloy Jiménez will continue to play through a groin issue on Sunday. As the White Sox wrap up their series against the Twins, Jiménez is in the lineup at DH despite not being able to run at 100%.

“It’s going to take a little bit for him to (get back to 100%),” said manager Pedro Grifol before Sunday’s game. “But he continues to get on base, which I want him to. You know it’s going to be hard to completely get rid of that.”

Jiménez was pulled from the game after tweaking his groin running to first base last Sunday. He’s played in the White Sox’ last three games even though people have noted he’s laboring down the line. However Grifol said several times that’s not going to stop him from putting him in the lineup.

“I don’t need him to steal a bag. I need him to swing.”

Grifol said he’s also not concerned about Jiménez causing further damage to his groin as long as he doesn’t push it too hard.

“We’ve all seen him run down the line. I don’t think he’s going to get hurt doing that.”

This is the time of the year when most guys are playing through some sort of aches and pains. The White Sox aren’t playing for a postseason spot right now, so some may think it’s better to let Jiménez rest to avoid yet another injury. Grifol thinks the experience of gutting through the nagging issue could help Jiménez, though.

“It’s good for him to go play through some of this stuff.”

Jiménez’ play has backed up Grifol’s philosophy. In the three games since returning from the groin injury, Jiménez has slashed .455/.500/.546 with one RBI and two runs scored.

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