Yoan Moncada

Chris Getz: Yoán Moncada not guaranteed to stay at third base

The White GM suggested Moncada could play elsewhere in the infield or even the outfield

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Chris Getz is steadfast in making changes to the White Sox. Quickly.

One of the changes he wants to see happen is shifting Yoán Moncada around defensively. Where else than third base could Moncada play for the White Sox? Getz answered that at the GM meetings in Arizona.

"He’s played second base with us," Getz said. "I think he’s a better third-baseman than second second-baseman. That doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be some days perhaps he goes over to second or plays first base and perhaps even the outfield. We’ll do what’s best for our club."

Getz, when asked, said the defensive changes for Moncada are "health dependent," considering the outfield would provide more strain to his sometimes faulty back and legs.

In saying Moncada has played second base with the White Sox, Getz is correct. During his first two years in Chicago, Moncada played second base. Just over 200 games, in fact.

Those two seasons at second base generated minus four defensive runs saved. In 515 career games at third base, Moncada has saved negative five runs defensively.

Those numbers don't tell the whole story. Obviously, they don't demonstrate Moncada as an above-average infielder. Though, I will say, I thoroughly enjoy watching Moncada play third base. I don't think it's unreasonable to say he, on a yearly basis, makes some astonishing plays from the corner.

Moncada is as athletic as they come. And his arm is fantastic. He's able to gun the baseball over to first base like any other elite third baseman in the league. Putting him at second base feels like a robbery of his talents.

That said, if the move is to protect his health, so be it. You can't argue with the White Sox doing anything they can to protect the perennially poor health the White Sox have demonstrated in recent seasons.

But, it would be disappointing to see Moncada shift elsewhere. Maybe, he'll remain healthier at second base. Or maybe, he's an underrated outfielder and can provide some serious defense in right field.

On the other hand, you can't blame Getz for wanting to experiment with the defense. The White Sox' defense has been a bottom defense for the past three seasons, according to FanGraphs. Getz and company have preached the Sox' need to improve their defense since taking over the front office.

If that means shifting Moncada, along with a slew of other changes, so be it. But moving Moncada off third base might not be the best move for the defense. Stay tuned.

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