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Has a new standard been set at 35th and Shields?

Chris Getz will assess the current roster and coaching staff in the coming weeks

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Chris Getz began his tenure as White Sox general manager with a clear message to the current roster.

"The approach is that no one is untouchable," Getz said in his introductory press conference on Thursday. "If we have an opportunity to multiply or upgrade our major league team from our roster or system, we will exhaust it."

In his first order of business as a senior front-office executive, Getz will meet with White Sox manager Pedro Grifol to asses his major league staff, and meet with players to discuss clubhouse culture.

"This feedback and all feedback is critical in developing a necessary, long-term plan," he said.

The the declaration that every single person in a White Sox uniform can and will be replaced is in line with what seems to be a newfound standard at 35th and Shields. When Jerry Reinsdorf fired longtime front-office executive Ken Williams – a decision Reinsdorf said "killed him" – he set a tone. No one is untouchable. Not even someone he still loves like a son.

To construct a successful roster, Getz said that adding depth and balance is the main goal moving forward.

"There's certainly players that we have on this roster that we feel like could help us compete in the future," Getz said. "I think it would be shortsighted to think that we don't need to add to the group. We need to look at our roster, and if that means that we need to talk to other clubs or fill gaps in other ways, we're going to do that."

"The major league team is a byproduct of the depths of the organization. So I'm going to pursue excellence in all of those areas, and hopefully that helps clean up our team.

Reinsdorf knows Getz has his work cut out for him, which is why he wasted no time in the hiring process of his new GM. They want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

"We've had a lot of injuries," Getz said. "We've had players that have underperformed. And I look forward to sitting down with Pedro and learning more about the coaching staff, and gaining that feedback from the players."

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