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Bronny James incredulous of teams drafting him solely to acquire his dad

The USC guard is skeptical of teams drafting him to acquire his dad

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There's no question LeBron James is hopeful of playing alongside his son, Bronny, at some point in the NBA.

It isn't necessarily Bronny's main goal. He's looking simply to make it to the NBA, first. But he told media at the 2024 NBA Combine in Chicago this past week it's an idea that's been mentioned in the James household.

"And of course, you know, get to the NBA, which is everyone's goal that was here," he said. "I never thought about playing with my dad but, of course, he's brought it up a couple of times."

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James has a player option for the 2024-25 season worth just north of $50 million with the Lakers. There's no question he and his agent, Rich Paul, strategically set up his contract with the freedom to choose his next destination next season --- the year his son hopes to enter the league.

But Bronny isn't a hot commodity, even with this year's NBA draft class being weaker than most. He has defensive prowess, strong hustle and leadership abilities. But during his freshman season at USC, he didn't impress.

He averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists in 25 games. But remember, during a USC practice in July, Bronny collapsed, enduring cardiac arrest. He stayed in a Los Angeles hospital for three days until he was finally cleared in late November.

There's no question the frightening incident set him back during his freshman campaign. He even mentioned the thought of his heart problem "lingers" in his mind sometimes.

Still, his draft stock is uncertain. He's worth the flyer pick, for sure. But his draft prospects likely lay in the second round of the draft. Some believe if his dad is willing to make the lateral to join forces with him, a team will make sure Bronny is on the roster.

But Bronny is incredulous about the idea. He doesn't believe a team would alter their draft, and organization plans, just to get the tag team of him and his dad on the same team.

"I feel like this is a serious business," Bronny said of the NBA. "I don't feel like there would be like a thought of I'm just drafting this kid just because I'm gonna get his dad. I don't think a GM would really allow that. I've never really thought about it. I think I've put in the work and I'd get drafted because, not only the player, but the person."

And that's what Bronny's draft process has been about. Making a name for himself.

He's hoping to discard the moniker of "LeBron James' son" and prove "Bronny James" is a name worth remembering.

"Bronny was just a nickname that I was given when I was younger. Everything that follows my dad people just try to link me with that and all the greatness he's achieved. I haven't done anything yet, so I feel like there needs to be that divide between Bronny and LeBron."

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