Scottie Barnes says Diar DeRozan's screams ‘had to have an effect'


Diar DeRozan became the ultimate sixth woman while screaming during free throws attempted by the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday. 

Ultimately, the Rpators finished only notching half of them in the net. The Raptors aren't an elite free-throw shooting team, but shooting 50 percent from the charity stripe is rare in the NBA. 

Did she have an effect on the Raptors?

"She was yelling. Trying to figure out who it was," Raptors forward Scottie Barnes said to Yahoo Sports Canada. "I just heard somebody screaming and I was like 'Who is that?' I don't know if it really had an effect, but, went 18-for-36 so, it had to have an effect. She did a great job."

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She was first seen on video screaming during a Jakob Poeltl free-throw shot from underneath the basket. The video gained some positive traction on Twitter, as the volume is noticeably loud on the broadcast and in the arena.

The ESPN broadcast then showed her in action screaming during a Fred VanVleet free throw towards the end of the third quarter. The crew commended her efforts to distract her father's opponent and former team.

Her dad chuckled at the commotion after the game.

"She went viral," DeRozan said. "I haven't let it soak in yet. But that's her. I kept hearing something during the game and somebody missed and I looked back and I was like 'Damn, that's my daughter screaming?'"

DeMar mentioned she will, unfortunately, not be in attendance for the Bulls' next play-in game against the Miami Heat on Friday. He mentioned to ESPN's NBA Today he's trying to be a "responsible parent" by putting Diar back in school

The Miami Heat finished second in free throw percentage during the regular season. Having Diar around the Kaseya Center might not be the worst idea, considering it could be the Bulls' final game of the season if they lose. 

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