MLB Power Rankings: Week 8


Every Monday throughout the regular season, we'll be ranking all 30 MLB teams.

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JJ Comments1
Tony: Okay, I'm buying this "run differential" stuff.
JJ: Good, because it shows how incredibly dominant Texas has been.
Tony: Kemp coing back soon. Initiate beast mode...
JJ: Capuano's been as important as anyone to their success.
Tony: Pitching is
JJ: Gave up a ton to get Gio, but it's been worth it.
Tony: Just keep getting it done night in and night out.
JJ: Second-best run differential in AL. I'm buying.
Tony: Starting to lose their grip a bit?
JJ: They'll pull away in East when Longoria returns.
Tony: They're climbing. AL East is a powerhouse division.
JJ: Pitching may not hold, but haven't broke yet.
Tony: Chapman closing decision at just the right time.
JJ: Joey Votto: .325.466.601. He's good.
Tony: South Side Hitmen Part II, led by Konerko and Dunn.
JJ: Wainwright rounding into form is great news.
Tony: Hard to put them below Sox, but feel this is how it should be.
JJ: Pitching still a concern, although Pettitte has been great.10
Tony: They're fading a bit. Can they rebound?
JJ: Giancarlo Stanton better be in the HR derby.
Tony: They're good, but can they hang in division?
JJ: Already-shaky run differential obliterated by Sox.
Tony: Giancarlo going all GIANCARLO lately, breaking scoreboards and stuff.
JJ: They're starting to come together. Watch out.
Tony: They may not last, but they're here now so get used to it.
JJ: Hate ranking them this high, but can't put them below ATLPHI.

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