Was Suh's stomp warranted?


By Ryan Thomas

Ndamukong Suh isn't a dirty player at all, at least according to former Lions defensive rookie of the year, Al "Bubba" Baker, who said Suh is simply playing the game the way it is supposed to be played.

Theres two different kinds of NFLthe NFL that theyre marketing and they want babies to wear Detroit Lions nighties and booties and all that, and then theres actually on the field. On the field you have to take care of yourself, Baker.

Baker defended Suh's position in the infamous Thanksgiving stomp that earned him a two-game suspension, voicing his opinion that the face-mauling seen by millions, actually, wasn't a stomp at all.

Go back, look at the film, did he really stomp the guy? Honestly? No, he didn't," Baker emphasized to the Detroit Free Press.

Baker continued his stance, labeling those who were unaware that these kind of things took place in the trenches, as naive.

Over the years, the NFL has developed a reputation for displaying a certain level of mental and physical toughness that has helped attract fans from all around. Recently with the health concerns of former players, and the debate over exactly how much contact is too much contact, it seems as if protection is beginning to take the place of aggression.

If Suh takes care of himself by stomping on an opponent, look the other way, Baker says.

In the day, that was common. You chop my legs, youre down on the ground, Im going to kick you cause youre trying to ruin my career, Baker said.

So the question still stands, has Suh's physical style of play gone a bit too far? Or, has the NFL just gone soft?

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