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DJ Moore adamant about what Bears should do at QB as Justin Fields questions loom

The Bears' QB future is out of DJ Moore's hands, but he knows who he wants under center

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LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Justin Fields spoke eloquently Wednesday when asked about his uncertain future as the Bears' starting quarterback.

With five games left in the season and the Bears in line to get a top-two pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, it's unclear if Fields can do enough to convince general manager Ryan Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus that he's the long-term solution under center in Chicago.

While Fields plans to face the uncertainty with an admirable perspective that's telling about the way the wind is blowing, wide receiver DJ Moore was clear about his stance on what Fields' future in Chicago should be.

“I didn’t know that," Moore said Thursday at Halas Hall when told of Fields' stance on his future. "If he feels that way, then you really can’t do too much but go out there and be yourself, and he’s a dynamic player, dynamic quarterback. We want him here. I’ve been having a great year with him, so that should speak volumes. Just leave what they do upstairs, upstairs at the end of the day.”

Through 12 games, Moore has caught 70 passes for 1,003 yards and six touchdowns. In the eight games that Fields has started, Moore has caught 50 passes for 792 yards and six touchdowns. If you extrapolate those numbers out for a 17-game season with a healthy Fields, Moore would be in line for 106 catches, 1,683 yards, and 13 touchdowns.

Moore and Fields have worked tirelessly to build their chemistry since the elite wide receiver arrived in Chicago in March. Those long offseason hours working on grass and getting to know each other off the field have paid off.

"He’s great, top-down as a player," Fields said of Moore on Wednesday. "Of course, everybody knows he’s a great player, he’s been over 1,000 yards for I don’t even know how long. Great players and even better person, even better teammate. Just the kind of guy he is. He came in, was kind of quiet a little bit – this and that – but he’s always been the same. Of course, the more you get to know him, the more you talk to him, he just opens up more and really just becomes an open book. I love him as a teammate, love his as a person and yeah, he’s just great to have on the team."

Fields and Moore have been the perfect combo for most of the season. The Bears believed adding an elite wide receiver would help Fields break out as a passer. While the high-level consistency hasn't been there, Fields has made strides during a critical third season.

“The big thing, from Year 1 and 2, he made big strides is what I’m hearing and what I’m seeing out there with his passes, his decision making," Moore said of Fields. "Year 3 is probably the most critical year. I know it was for me. I took the jump. I had whatever you want to say, and it was like that. For him, he’s young, so he’s gonna still continue to grow and be better.”

Moore wants that to be with him in Chicago. But that's out of his hands. With five games left, it might already be out of Fields' as well.

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