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ESPN analysts favor Jordan Love over Justin Fields this season

The "Get Up!" crew discussed if they'd rather have Fields or Love. Bears fans won't be happy with their answers.

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The Bears are entering a new era in the NFC North; one that doesn't include Aaron Rodgers.

For the first time in 15 years, the Bears won't have to deal with one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time twice per year. With that, a new era begins. One, potentially long-term, between Justin Fields and Jordan Love, the newest quarterback for the Packers.

Who is the more favorable quarterback? ESPN analysts shared their thoughts on "Get Up!"

"I'm more comfortable with the way Jordan Love has commanded his offense than Justin Fields," former NFL safety Ryan Clark said. "Now, we know that Justin Fields is ultimately talented, especially with what he can do with his legs. But Jordan Love is more composed. Jordan Love seems to have a better understanding of where his guys would be."

"If we're just talking about this season and what they're surrounded by, I'm gonna go with Jordan Love," former NFL wide receiver Harry Douglass said. 'I like how comfortable he's looked at the quarterback position. I like his athleticism inside the pocket, outside the pocket. Right now, I'm going with Jordan Love."

"Justin Fields may have a better season statistically, but Jordan Love will have a better season all together from the standpoint of wins and if they make the playoffs," Kimberly Martin said.


Fields hasn't had the most impressive preseason.

During his first game, his allies did the work for him. DJ Moore and Khalil Herbert caught and ran for 62-yard and 56-yard touchdowns, respectively, from separate screenplays. Fields didn't do much of the work. In fact, he was criticized for the inaccuracy of his screen passes.

Against the Bills during the Bears' final preseason game, he underperformed. His reads were confusing, his deep passes were inaccurate and his decision-making was flawed.

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Love looks better this preseason. He's scored a touchdown in every preseason game he's played in. Plus, his tape looks promising; specifically, Love looks extremely comfortable in the pocket and his eyes are impressive.

Dan Orlovsky showed his belief in Fields, saying he would choose Fields over Love. He also provided his two cents on what Fields needs to do to improve his game this season.

"Two things for Justin for him to take that step," the ex-NFL quarterback said. "Yards after the catch for this offense. DJ [Moore]'s impact on Justin [and] having players like Khalil Herbert around him to do this stuff is a big deal.

"The biggest jump for Justin Fields personally for game drives: don't make drive-killing plays. I think that's where you're gonna see his greatest growth. Sacks, fumbles, INTs, get rid of [them]."

Is Love poised to own the deed to the Bears franchise, one season removed from the Rodgers era?

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