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Justin Fields reverts to natural footwork with Steelers, reversing Bears' changes

Fields is going back to right foot forward in shotgun after the Bears made him change to left foot

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When Justin Fields first arrived in Chicago in 2021, he was used to placing his right foot forward in the shotgun formation, flipping it back upon receiving the ball to get ready to throw.

In Year 2, Luke Getsy and the Bears taught him to place his left foot forward. This was similar to how Aaron Rodgers operated in the pocket in Green Bay, easing the dropback process.

But at Steelers OTAs this offseason, it's evident Fields has reverted to his old footwork, scrapping the Bears' changes.

Last season, the Bears mentioned they opened the door for Fields to move back to his initial footwork. He elected not to, sticking to the methods Getsy and the Bears helped him change. Now, he's back to his native throwing style.

This is all an effort for Fields to get back under center. With the Steelers, he will start as the team's understudy behind Russell Wilson, who the team signed in conjunction with Fields this offseason.

Fields is aware of the situation. But he's not going to the bench without a fight this offseason.

“I definitely don’t have the mindset of just me sitting all year,” Fields said. “I’m coming in every day to give it all I got.”

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