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Kurt Warner reveals where he thinks Justin Fields has ‘room to grow' in new film breakdown

The Hall of Fame quarterback released a second film breakdown video from the Bears-Bills game

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On Tuesday, Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner released a YouTube video on his channel breaking down Justin Fields' tape from the Bears-Bills contest in 2022.

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Thursday, Warner followed up his first video with another, breaking down more plays from the same game. This time he added bits of praise while further critiquing Fields' game.

The first of Warner's two videos focused on Fields' timing, footwork and accuracy. Warner critiqued multiple plays where Fields was choppy and lacked fluidity in the pocket.

The theme surrounding the second video was Fields' decision-making.

Why is he taking the throws he's making? Where could have his progressions gone better?

Warner points out multiple plays where Fields missed open opportunities in his progressions. From the looks of it, Fields relied on flats and safe routes instead of seeing plays all the way through.

It would make sense that Fields is hesitant to pull the trigger on throws he's not seeing an open man immediately. The offensive line was horrid last season, allowing 55 sacks to Fields the season. That's not to give Fields an excuse for being sacked or making hurried throws, but a point to make in trying to understand his thinking during games.

Another interesting play Warner pointed out was a scramble. After missing an opening in his progressions, Fields left the pocket and tried to make a play. He forced the ball downfield and it was nearly intercepted. Fields needs to be more cognizant and cautious in those situations. It's OK to throw the ball away.

Warner didn't neglect patting Fields on the back, too. Around the five-minute mark, Warner tips his cap to Fields for a solid read and delivery of the football to Dante Pettis. Pettis, unfortunately, dropped the ball, missing an easy opportunity at a first down. Can't peg Fields for that play.

Both of Warner's videos are excellent, informative pieces about Fields' current state. Yes, it's well-documented how poor the Bears' roster situations on both sides of the ball were over Fields' first two seasons. But the young quarterback shares the blame in many offensive mishaps.

This season, there isn't much room to hide. Ryan Poles and the front office jolted the roster with several tremendous additions, including the offense. Fields will need to clean up multiple areas of his game, or he could quickly become exposed to his inhibitions.

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