Eagles cornerback calls Fields a ‘highlight reel'


Justin Fields, despite the Bears losing to the Eagles on Sunday, put on another clinic – rushing for 95 yards and passing for two touchdowns. 

What makes Fields so difficult to defend?

"He's a 4.4 guy," Eagles cornerback Darius Slay said after the game. "That's what makes it tough. He is not like a 4.7 or nothing. When he gets up the field he can make you miss and he can run past you."

Fields turned heads, yet again, with another long run that set the Bears up in scoring position in the Eagles zone. He ran for a 39-yard run in the second quarter, evading defenders and navigating space downfield. 

The second-year quarterback nearly stole a touchdown from the broken play, but he stepped out of bounds near the endzone. 

Fields also broke the Bears' franchise record for most quarterback rushing yards in a single season. He broke the Bobby Douglass record with 976 rushing yards. 

Eventually, Fields cracked the 1,000-yard barrier, joining Lamar Jackson and Michael Vick as the only three quarterbacks in NFL history to rush for over 1,000 yards in a season. 

He was stopped in the fourth quarter, due to leg cramps, from continuing his prowess over 1,000 yards. To that, Slay noticed, and tipped his cap to Fields' toughness. 

"Kid's tough," Slay said. "He gets hit a lot and keeps going. He had a cramp, went in and came back in for a two-minute drive. He's a tough kid."

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Despite the Bears trudging on with a now seven-game losing streak, the optimism for Fields' and the team's future remains high. 

Others would agree. 

"Chicago got a lot of upside coming from him," Slay said. "They're gonna have a great future with him. He's a highlight film, for real man. 

"I salute my cap off to him and it's hard for a quarterback to be that tough."

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