Fox added digital yard marks for rainy Bears broadcast


The Bears played through a memorable rainy game on Sunday versus the San Francisco 49ers. 

The team played through sloppy, wet conditions at Soldier Field on the surface's new Bermuda grass. The field was so sloppy, the broadcast had to make adjustments for the fans at home. 

The dark yard markings are usually saved for extremely snowy games. But, in this case, the weather proved damaging enough for the broadcast to need to implement their own yard marks. 

The rain didn't stop the Bears. They brushed off an early 10-point deficit with their own 19-point run to outdo the 49ers at home for their first win of the season. 

In iconic fashion, the team slid through the back of the endzone to cap off their stunning win over the 49ers. Hopefully, fans at home were able to catch that moment after trying to see where the field marks were. 

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