Luke Getsy had a plan for the Bears' rushing attack


If there's one thing the Bears did successfully during Sunday night's 27-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers, it was rushing the ball. 

The Bears ran for 180 yards on Sunday night. David Montgomery (122 rushing yards) handled most of the workload, while Khalil Herbert (38 rushing yards) and Justin Fields (20) cleaned up the rest. 

For offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, it was all part of his plan.

“Luke (Getsy) said we’re going to run it down their throats” Fields said after the game.

Montgomery rushed the ball 16 times, giving him an impressive 8.1 yards per rush. Last week, against the San Francisco 49ers, Montgomery rushed the ball 17 times for 26 yards. He outperformed his Week 1 yardage by the end of the opening drive. 

The offense was able to rush the ball productively against the Packers, evidenced by Montgomery and Herbert's longest runs of over 25 yards. The team averaged 6.7 yards per rush at Lambeau Field. 

Unfortunately, Getsy's game plan wasn't much help. The team scored 10 points against the Packers. Fields ended with 11 attempted passes, throwing for 70 yards. 

Getsy's play-calling was a bit peculiar, since the Bears were down most of the game. His persistence to rush the ball went against all football logic, which dictates teams who are down usually throw more often to catch up. 

The Bears ran the ball 27 times and passed the ball 11 times. 

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