New Bears QB Mitch Trubisky has no plans to upgrade his 1997 Camry


Mitch Trubisky is due a hefty payday as the No. 2 pick in the NFL Draft, but doesn’t currently have any plans on upgrading his car. 

Trubisky still drives a 1997 beige Toyota Camry handed down to him from his grandmother that has about 170,000 miles on it — your typical college kid car. But Bears general manager Ryan Pace laughed Thursday he doesn’t want Trubisky to get rid of his 20-year-old set of wheels. 

Pace first saw Trubisky’s car after the Bears met with the former North Carolina quarterback for dinner a day before conducting a private workout with him. 

“There’s some hubcaps that are missing, and the thing is kind of just falling apart, and we joked at that moment like “‘Hey, you need to bring this car to Chicago, don’t change,’” Pace said. “And he’s like ‘I don’t know if it’s going to make it to Chicago,’ so I said ‘I don’t care if you have to change the engine but you’ve got to keep the shell.’ So, hopefully he brings it.”

Trubisky said Friday he’s planning on driving it from Chapel Hill, N.C. to Chicago. Hopefully it makes it. 

“It’s got 170,000 miles on it so it can still lug around a little bit,” Trubisky said. “It moves pretty well. Gets me from Point A to Point B and yeah, that’s what I drive.”

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