New era: Emery won't meet with media at Combine


One Bears tradition that appears to be ending, for the time being at least, is that of the teams personnel chief getting together with local media at the annual Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. New GM Phil Emery wont be available during the Combine, departing from something that went back to Bill Tobin, Rod Graves, Mark Hatley and Jerry Angelo.

Emery said during his introductory press session that he would not be talking publicly about players or team needs, so this really isnt a complete surprise.

But its a little too early to conclude that a media boycott of sorts is being imposed.

For one thing, coach Lovie Smith will chat with everyone on Thursday morning, really the first time hes been available since seasons end and Emerys arrival. Smith and most other coaches do this every year, sort of a mid-point briefing between the end of the year and the draftfree agency onset.

And Emery is less than a month into his new job. Doubtless he has done more than a little scouting and evaluating of Bears personnel already (hed have done some prior to his interviews, and the Bears played the Kansas City Chiefs during the season while he was in their front office).

So this close to first impressions is probably a little early for an in-depth chat about the Bears, the free-agent market and the draft. Hopefully Emery will go public a little more over time.

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