NFL writer goes in hard on Mitchell Trubisky, Bears: ‘He can't throw the ball inbounds half the time'


The Bears are above .500 at the halfway point of the season for the first time since 2013, but not everyone thinks they are the real deal just yet.

Michael Lombardi, an NFL writer for The Athletic, went in hard on Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears during a guest appearance on the Follow the Money podcast (credit Joe Ostrowski for the find).

Lombardi was asked if he's buying the Bears at this point in the season and didn't hold back in his answer.

“No, I'm not buying Mitchell Trubisky," Lombardi said. "You couldn’t get me to buy Mitchell Trubisky if you had him on a discount rack at Filene’s Basement. There’s no chance. There’s no chance. He can’t throw the ball inbounds half the time. I mean, it’s a joke. I was in Chicago this week and all I saw was Trubisky jerseys and I'm thinking you people are crazy. You’re going to be selling them in three years. There’s no way."

Lombardi did provide a little praise for Trubisky before going back to scorching the earth.

"Look, he's a good athlete, he runs around, he can make some plays with his feet, but when he has to make precise throws..." Lombardi said. "Brett Favre said this one time and I think it really applies. Bad quarterbacks can throw the ball through a door, good quarterbacks can hit the door knob, the great ones throw it through the key hole. You think Trubisky can throw the ball through a key hole with that precision? There's no chance, right? I just don't see it."

Lombardi went on to criticize the Bears' schedule so far. The Bears have played only two teams with winning records, the Dolphins and Patriots, and lost to both.

"The Bears are benefactors from an easy schedule and they're taking advantage of it and they're taking advantage of some bad offenses," Lombardi said. "When they have to play somebody tough, I think it’s a real problem.

"I think the Bears are overvalued."

The good news for Bears fans is that the Bears only have three more games against winning teams (two against the Vikings and one against the Rams). Either way, it doesn't look like Lombardi is trying to make friends in Chicago.

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