Penei Sewell analyzes viral video of Lions fan pass-blocking in parking lot


A viral moment emerged from the MetLife Stadium parking lot on Sunday.

Ahead of the Detroit Lions-New York Jets game in East Rutherford, N.J., a pair of Lions fans participated in some football activities. But they weren't simply playing a game of catch that one would normally see at an NFL tailgate.

Rather, the two fans, who are dating, were captured on video running a pass protection set in the parking lot, with the boyfriend in a Penei Sewell jersey blocking his girlfriend.

The Detroit News' Nolan Bianchi got Sewell to break down the viral video on Tuesday, and the Lions offensive tackle was very impressed with the boyfriend's pass-blocking form.

"Oh, man. I see nothing but greatness," Sewell said. "Start off with the stance, he's loading up the inside, ready to get out of it. Great patience off the line, not oversetting to allow the inside move, and then as you saw right there with his left hand, great job of stabbing the nearest point, knocking the defender off his feet, having him to redirect in any way possible, and then keep the feet moving.

"I love it. That's a money rep."

Sewell, however, didn't offer the same type of praise for the girlfriend's pass-rushing skills.

"It's a little rough. We gotta work on that a little bit," Sewell said. "You gotta know who you're going against. It's a big dude with long arms. You can't get the arms on you."

It turns out the pass-blocking Lions fan is University of New Hampshire senior offensive lineman Matthew Marvin. Marvin, who's an NFL draft-eligible guard/tackle, told The Detroit News he looks up to Sewell as a fellow offensive lineman. This past Halloween, Marvin went as Sewell and his girlfriend, Bridget Ryan, went as Lions head coach Dan Campbell.

Marvin added that he and Ryan have run pass-blocking sets together for a few years. According to Marvin, Ryan acknowledged that she needs to "put in that extra work" on her pass-rushing as Sewell said.

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