Peter King: Aaron Rodgers is ‘pissed off' about the Jordan Love draft pick


If you can believe it, Aaron Rodgers isn't thrilled with the Packers right now. 

After Green Bay injected some excitement and drama into an otherwise-boring first round by drafting quarterback Jordan Love, many wondered how the move would go over with Rodgers – who happens to have a lot of years and a lot of money left on his contract. Well, according to NBC Sports' NFL insider Peter King, Rodgers isn't thrilled! 

The tweet's wording makes it hard to tell whether King's being speculative, or if he actually has some intell from Rodgers' camp. Either way, it's probably not a good sign when one of the league's prominent reporters is already going on the radio and talking about how upset the Packers' franchise QB is. 

There's a slight bit of irony to Rodgers' reported anger considering the on-the-surface similarities between how both QBs arrived in Green Bay (though realistically the situations are pretty different). Still, on a night that basically lacked any fireworks, getting some juicy QB drama from a team that has been historically set at that position for the last three decades was a fun, unexpected wrinkle. 

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