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Super Bowl logo conspiracy debunked with Chiefs, 49ers wins

Condolences to social media detectives across the world

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The Super Bowl logo conspiracy has been debunked. With the Chiefs and 49ers punching their tickets to Las Vegas with wins against the Ravens and Lions on Sunday, the two teams also put to bed a theory that the league had been predetermined– then telegraphed– which teams would compete for the Lombardi trophy this year.

According to the conspiracy theory, it should have been the Ravens and 49ers who were chosen to play in the big game. Of course there are some still grasping at straws who say that the NFL caught wind that social media detectives had cracked the code, so they pulled a switcheroo to cover their tracks. 

Others say those same social media detectives were reading the clues incorrectly with jokes like this.

Obviously the conspiracy theory is a bunch of nonsense. The Super Bowl is not rigged for ratings, storylines or anything like that. If it were, the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets would be squaring off this year. Even if the big game was predetermined– which it isn’t– do you think the league would be stupid enough to put out marketing materials with the colors of the teams they chose? Not a chance.

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