WATCH: Bears players try —and fail —to sing ‘Bear Down, Chicago Bears'


Not every team has its own fight song, but fans that step into Soldier Field are expected to sing along any time “Bear Down, Chicago Bears” starts playing.

Bears players shouldn’t be held to the same standard.

Chicago’s social media team had about a dozen players try and sing the song on camera, and almost none of them knew the words. The only one who got through it without completely embarrassing himself was offensive lineman Eric Kush.

Some of the newer players like kicker Cody Parkey and backup quarterback Chase Daniel might have a plausible excuse given how little time they’ve spent with the team, but punter Pat O’Donnell has played four seasons in Chicago and should know all the words by now.

And all of them could use some vocal lessons before they try their hand at karaoke. They’ll leave the fight song to the fans in the stands.

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