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What GSH on Chicago Bears uniform stands for

But, have you ever wondered what GSH stands for?

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The Chicago Bears were a founding team of the NFL and consequently had a rich and decorated history after over 100 seasons of football.

And they've tried to honor that history in numerous ways.

One of which is the letters GSH on the shoulder of their uniforms, which are iconic in their own right.

But, have you ever wondered what GSH stands for?

It's the initials of George S. Halas, the founder of the Bears franchise.

Not only did Halas found the team, he was also a player and head coach. In fact, his No. 7 jersey is one of 14 numbers the Bears have retired.

Originally the team was called the Decatur Staleys, then the Chicago Staleys, and eventually the Chicago Bears. That original mascot name is why the current Bears mascot is named Staleys.

The Bears are still owned by the Halas family, primarily by his daughter Virginia McCaskey. His grandson, George McCaskey, is the Bears' current chairman. He replaced his brother Michael in 2011.

The Bears practice facility also bears the Halas name.

Halas won eight NFL championships and was twice named the coach of the year by the Associated Press. He was named to the 100 greatest Bears of All-Time list and the NFL's 100th Anniversary team.

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