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20 questions with Blackhawks forward Philipp Kurashev

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In our latest series of 20 questions, I go 1-on-1 with Chicago Blackhawks forward Philipp Kurashev:

1. Favorite NHL team growing up

The Washington Capitals and Detroit Red Wings because my two favorite players growing up were Alex Ovechkin and Pavel Datsyuk.

2. Favorite NHL player growing up was my next question. If you had to pick one of the two, who would it be?

Oh man, I don't know. When I was younger younger, it was way more Ovie. He was my favorite. And then as I started getting a little older, it was Datsyuk and Ovie. I love those two guys.

3. What was your welcome to the NHL moment?

I think just my first game. We played against Tampa Bay, the team that just won the Stanley Cup, and it was pretty incredible just to see the players I was playing with and then against was a nice moment.

4. Favorite road city in the NHL

Florida. I love beaches.

5. Favorite road arena in the NHL

Madison Square Garden, I'll say that.

6. Favorite all-time teammate

Like forever? I have a lot. I'm not going to say because I'm going to forget some guys. *Laughs*

7. Why do you wear No. 23?

Because when I was younger, I always wanted No. 13 but I was one of the youngest guys on the team and an older guy picked No. 13. There were only a couple numbers left and I chose No. 23 and I've stuck with it every time I've could since then. I think I chose it when I was under 10 years old, probably eight years old.

8. Favorite activity to unwind from hockey?

I like to call my family or my friends and just relax and spend time with friends and family.

9. What's your stick flex number?

85 this season. I've been mostly 90 flex for a lot of years and this year I went down since my injury last year with the shoulder, so I tried to go down a little bit and I really liked it so I've stuck with it.

10. What's one thing you have to do on a game day? The popular answer is nap

No, I think for me, I have to do a good warmup before the game and just kind of do my routine.

Like on the ice?

No, like before, everything. For me, game days, I pretty much do the same thing every time, or try at least since we sometimes have different times for games of course. I try to do the same thing and try to do it as much as I can.

11. Funniest chirp you've heard in a game

Ohhh. That's going to be hard to find one that's shareable. I can't tell you. *Laughs*

12. Current or former players you'd want as your linemates

Like of all-time? Ouuf. Ovie and Datsyuk would be pretty fun. *Laughs*

13. Build your all-time 3-on-3 overtime lineup

Connor McDavid, for sure. I'll go Pavel Datsyuk and Alex Ovechkin. I'll go with three forwards! I don't know, if I put Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, it's hard. 

14. Favorite all-time TV show

The Last Dance documentary with Michael Jordan.

15. Favorite vacation spot

Costa Rica.

16. Favorite sport outside of hockey

I like watching NBA, tennis and soccer. I watch a lot of sports. It's all I do, pretty much. And to play? Hmm, maybe tennis or paddle tennis. I don't know if you guys have that here, but in Europe it's pretty popular. I don't think it's here yet but it'll get here. *Laughs*

17. What's your golf handicap?

I rarely play. I don't think I have a handicap. I'm probably the highest one. *Laughs*

18. Which 3 teammates would you want in a foursome?

To be good? I don't know who's good at golf actually. I'll put Lukas Reichel in there. He's probably terrible. I'll put Reese Johnson. Cause Reeser's pretty good actually. We need someone who's good.

Joey Anderson is very good, I hear.

Is he?! I haven't seen, I have to watch more film. *Laughs*

Who did I play with? MacKenzie Entwistle is bad, I beat him. Who is good? I don't even know. Give me Bedsy.

19. Favorite non-hockey athlete ever

I don't really know. Maybe Steph Curry. I like him.

20. If you weren't a hockey player, what would you be?

I would be a hockey coach or maybe a tennis player. Another sport. *Laughs*

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