Eddie Olczyk on Blackhawks-Ducks: ‘I expect a long series'


It's probably a good thing the Blackhawks and Ducks had a lengthy layoff, because this Western Conference Final may be a long series.

It'll be the first time in NHL history these two teams go head-to-head in the playoffs, which makes this an even more intriguing matchup that begins Sunday afternoon.

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The Ducks will also be the Blackhawks' biggest challenge yet this postseason.

"A big heavy team that is not afraid to try to play a physical style, try to run you in the third or fourth row," said Olczyk. "They're a heavy team, they're a big team, and the Hawks have not seen that to this point."

The Blackhawks led the regular-season series, 2-1, and outscored the Ducks by five in those three games. But despite their success, it's a new season, a new series, one where the stakes are higher and the reward is bigger. Both teams are playing their best hockey and are as well-rested as they can be.

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That'll come in handy for the Blackhawks, who need all the rest they can get in order to succeed against the Ducks' physicality.

"You gotta play fast. You gotta get the puck and you gotta move it quickly so you don't allow them to play real physical hockey," Olczyk said. "I expect a long series."

See what else Eddie O had to say in the video above.

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