Why Blackhawks could trade Patrick Kane tonight


It looks like the Chicago Blackhawks could trade Patrick Kane tonight.

Trade rumors intensified over the weekend after the New York Rangers made a flurry of moves to clear cap space. Kane left the team on the road to return home to Chicago.

The only hurdle was the Rangers clearing enough cap space to take on Kane's salary, and that hurdle will be cleared tonight.

After 4 p.m. CT, the Rangers will have enough cleared cap space to complete a trade for Kane.

Elliottte Friedman reported that things are in motion behind the scenes, like working out the logistics and moving around equipment.

The Rangers are slated to play the Philadelphia Flyers on Wednesday, and could potentially be Kane's debut for his new team. He would then make his debut in Madison Square Garden in front of the home fans the following night.

For now, Blackhawks fans await news the trade has been made.

While the Rangers have been active, the Blackhawks made their own flurry of trades in recent days as well. 

General manager Kyle Davidson traded Jake McCabe and Sam Lafferty to Toronto Maple Leafs tor a couple players and picks.

The Blackhawks traded Jack Johnson back to Colorado Avalanche.

And in a more minor move, traded Josiah Slavin to the Anaheim Ducks for Hunter Drew.

The Rangers and Blackhawks could wait to make the trade, the deadline is until Friday.

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