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Jomboy Media lip reads Aaron Boone's ejection from the White Sox game

Check out this interestingly hilarious video of Aaron Boone yelling at the home plate umpire

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During Monday's White Sox-Yankees contest, Yankees manager Aaron Boone was ejected in the eighth inning after arguing strike calls with the home plate umpire, Laz Díaz.

Boone was quickly tossed while remaining in the dugout, motivating him to engage in a screaming match with the Díaz. From there, he drew a line in the batter's box where he affirmed Díaz was calling strikes, then hilariously imitated the umpire's strikeout motion.

Jomboy Media, a popular baseball YouTube channel, broke down the event and displayed the dialogue from the situation.

First, Boone called out from the dugout, "Laz! What the f--- are we doing?!"

Díaz immediately threw him out of the game.

The two quickly got into a heated exchange, telling each other they "stink." Boone pointed out multiple times he screwed over many of his batters with strike calls that were outside the plate. Dylan Cease repeatedly, to his credit, took advantage of Díaz's zone, pitching exclusively to the outside.

Díaz sarcastically encouraged Boone to draw a line in the box, as managers carelessly do when arguing strike calls, to "further" his point. "Play your f---ing game," Díaz told Boone, motioning for him to nonsensically draw in the box.

That's when Boone drew a line in the batter's box, then mimicked Díaz's strikeout motion, executing it in a very animated, comical fashion.

"You should go look at your record," Díaz quipped.

"Well, yeah, I hear about it every f---ing day!" Boone responded, candidly. (The Yankees are 59-56, holding down the last-place spot in the AL East.)

The video is well-analyzed, capturing the dialogue between both Boone and Díaz.

Jimmy O'Brien, the voice and mind behind Jomboy Media, also broke down Díaz's eye angle towards the plate. Díaz's lopsided angle creates a fallacy against himself for correctly calling outside pitches.

It's a well-executed video, as Jomboy's typically are.

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