Pedro Grifol

Pedro Grifol on trade deadline: ‘Things might happen, they may not happen'

The White Sox skipper opts to bypass conversations with the players about the trade deadline

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Pedro Grifol doesn't believe it's worth the White Sox' time to talk about trade rumors and the possibilities of the MLB's Aug. 1 trade deadline.

"I don't even talk to the guys about that because that's something that they're not gonna be able to get," Grifol said before Saturday's game against the Braves. "What am I gonna tell them? I'm gonna say 'Hey, focus on the game'? Well, they know they have to focus on the game.

"Until it happens, there's nothing really to talk about or to think about."

Grifol's thinking is parallel with that of the players. When asked about the trade rumors surrounding his name, Lucas Giolito told Scott Merkin it's not something he plans to concern himself with.

The White Sox opt to put the blinders on, controlling only what they can control on the field.

"There's really nothing we can do about it," Grifol said. "We can't really predict what's gonna happen. Things might happen, things may not happen. Those are things that are out of our control."

Reports indicate things will almost definitely happen for the White Sox at the trade deadline.

The NY Post's Jon Heyman reported the Sox are already set on becoming sellers at the deadline. But, they reportedly plan to protect the likes of Dylan Cease, Luis Robert Jr., Andrew Vaughn and Eloy Jiménez from being traded.

Though, if an irrefutable deal presents itself for any players, one would ponder whether or not the White Sox have the gall to decline. The signs point to the White Sox attempting to reload the roster for the long-term health of the team.

But how would the White Sox respond to a premier offer for one of their blue-chip players?

As it relates to how the Sox got to this position, Grifol mentioned his dismay with the team's focus and attention to detail.

"We have to get better at that," Grifol said. "We're not as detailed as I want to be. We're not as focused as I want to be. Those are things we have to get better at."

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