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White Sox ‘still in holding pattern' with Eloy Jiménez injury

White Sox manager Pedro Grifol has no update on Eloy Jiménez's injury

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Chicago White Sox Manager Pedro Grifol didn't have an update on DH Eloy Jiménez's injury after he left Sunday's game.

Grifol told the media they are still waiting for test results from the doctors, but Eloy felt a little better today.

"Still got nothing on Eloy," Grifol said. "We're still in a holding pattern. He went to see the doctors, and we haven't gotten any results back yet. We'll wait to make that decision when we get all the information.

"He said he felt a little better. I think he had this last year a little bit, so kind of similar. But, you know, again, there's a lot that goes into this stuff, peace of mind with the results. So we'll see how it goes. I don't want to get too ahead of myself until we get all the X-rays and all that stuff back."

Jiménez suffered an injury while running to first base in the sixth inning of the game on Sunday afternoon. He grimaced in pain and slowed to a trot about halfway down the line. He was removed from the game following the play.

“It looks like Eloy’s got himself a sore leg,” said color commentator Steve Stone on the broadcast. “Right here, something gives way.”

White Sox' Eloy Jimenez appears to suffer an injury while running to first base against the Tigers

Injuries have plagued Jiménez throughout his career. Last season, he missed time due to a hamstring injury, a groin issue, and an emergency appendectomy.

He still played 120 games in that season, which was the most games played in a season dating back to his rookie year, 2019, when we played 122 games. In 2021 and 2022 combined, he only managed 139 games.

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