NCAA Tournament 2024

White Sox players share their March Madness brackets

Andrew Vaughn and Nicky Lopez had two very different approaches

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The White Sox regular season is still a week away, but some players are getting into the March action early. Slugger Andrew Vaughn and new second baseman Nicky Lopez shared their NCAA men’s basketball tournament brackets with NBC Sports Chicago.

Check out their picks below:

Andrew Vaughn's bracket
Nicky Lopez' bracket

Unsurprisingly, Lopez has his alma mater, Creighton, cutting down the nets at the end of the tournament. Lopez grew up in Naperville and showed some love to a couple of local schools, too. He’s got Northwestern making it to the second round for the second year in a row, and he picked the Illinois Fighting Illini to advance to the Elite 8.

Vaughn’s Cal Bears didn’t earn a bid to the Big Dance, and he didn’t give much love to their Pac-12 brethren. In fact, Vaughn went all chalk by penciling in all the one-seeds into the Final Four: Connecticut, Houston, North Carolina and Purdue. Vaughn’s got the Tar Heels winning it all.

The White Sox take on the Tigers at home to start the season on Mar. 28.

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