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Utah Jazz take shot at Bulls, Michael Jordan with building WiFi name

Jazz owner Ryan Smith joined The Pat McAfee Show and revealed a funny tidbit about their WiFi

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On Wednesday, "The Pat McAfee Show" hosted Ryan Smith --- the 45-year-old owner of the Utah Jazz.

Smith admitted he grew up a die-hard Utah Jazz fan. While creating the highly successful "Qualtrics" with his father and brother, he would try and sneak into games at the Delta Center, especially during the 1998 season when the Bulls played the Jazz in the NBA Finals.

Smith is not much of a Bulls fan. So much so, he carries it with him today. And in the team's WiFi password.

"There was a lot of discussion happening between Michael Jordan and the Jazz fans that year I remember," Smith said, reminiscing on the era. "Whether it was the pizza, getting sick, going to Vegas, whatever it was. The WiFi in the building is 'Jordan pushed off.'"

Shortly after the interview, the Jazz's social media team confirmed Smith's claim.

Of course, Smith is referring to the 1998 NBA Finals, when Michael Jordan allegedly "pushed off" Byron Russell to sink the iconic go-ahead shot from Game 6 in Utah.

The referees at the game didn't call Jordan for a foul on the play. Jordan and the Bulls went on to win their third consecutive championship and their sixth championship in eight seasons.

Did Jordan push off Russell? If you ask Smith, he'll direct you to the Jazz's WiFi.

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