Bulls Talk Podcast: Are the Bulls ‘back'?; Thoughts after 2 preseason games


On this edition of the Bulls Talk podcast, Kendall Gill and Will Perdue join Kevin Anderson to discuss the Bulls after 2 preseason games.

0:50 Biggest takeaway after two games

3:30 On Coby White and how he fits in the rotation

6:15 Kendall on his ideal point guard rotation

7:10 Will’s ideal point guard rotation, Kris Dunn’s fit

9:50 Does playing Kris Dunn over White give the Bulls a better chance to win?

12:10 On the center rotation and where the bigs fit

16:20 On Wendell Carter and the possibility of playing with too much muscle

22:15 On Zion Williamson and his star potential

27:40 Potential of Zion in the dunk contest

28:40 On the Bulls ‘5-shooters’ lineup of Satoransky, LaVine, Markkanen, Porter, and Kornet

33:00 Importance of treating the final preseason game on October 17th like a regular season game

34:20 Are the Bulls ‘back’?

Listen here or in the embedded player below. 

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