Patrick Beverley polled NBA's best ‘trash-talker'


Not only did the Bulls sign on an energetic defender and one of Chicago's own with Patrick Beverley, but they also signed on one of the league's best "trash-talker."

According to a poll conducted among current NBA players by The Athletic, they believe Beverley is the league's best yapper, surpassing the likes of Draymond Green in this year's voting. 

Some other names brought into the conversation included Udonis Haslem, Dillon Brooks, Joe Ingles and Damian Lillard. Even the "Memphis Grizzlies" were an answer. But Beverley prevailed over them all. 

“Maybe Pat (Beverley). I know a lot of these guys wouldn’t agree with that. He never stops talking, which is what the good guys do. So probably Pat Bev," Tyrese Haliburton said.

“Pat Bev is undefeated at trash-talking," said Paul George. 

“Think Pat Bev knows that’s his role, that’s his effect on the game, kind of junking it up and get guys off their game," Kevin Huerter said. 

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They didn't mention what Beverley says that's so rhythm-crushing. But, there may be phrases that need not mentioning or can't be noted in writing. 

Nevertheless, Beverley is a clear disrupter of the game. This adds to the reason the Bulls signed him for the rest of the season in an attempt to make a final push toward the playoffs. Currently, the Bulls stand 11th in the Eastern Conference. 

“At this point in the season, where we’re trying to get back to where we need (to be), we need a spark," LaVine said on Wednesday. "We needed anything we could. Pat is somebody who can fill a lot of different roles. So we’re just happy to have him.”

Hopefully, Beverley's energy and trash-talking ability on the floor will help keep the Bulls accountable and their opponents discouraged. 

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