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Top 10 colleges that produce the highest-earning NFL players

Here are the colleges that produce the highest-earning NFL players

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The best NFL players in the world started somewhere -- with some battling through college football before making it to the big leagues.

While the University of Alabama has the most active NFL players at 68, it is not the school that has produced the highest-earning players in the pros.

A study conducted by sports betting media group Canada Sports Betting analyzed the lifetime career earnings of active NFL players who attended college in America and went ahead to calculate the average earnings per player from different colleges.

"The colleges have produced immense NFL players and the results underline the impactful role that institutions have played in shaping successful NFL careers," a spokesperson for Canada Sports Betting said. "The study's insights reflect the dedication and effective development programs that have contributed to a legacy of achievement on the football field.”

Here we take a look at which colleges produce the highest-earning NFL players:

What are the top 10 colleges that produce the highest-earning NFL players?

The schools are ranked based on average earnings per player:

  1. University of California, Berkeley: $38,242,817
  2. Mississippi State University: $28,653,428
  3. Clemson University: $22,639,863
  4. Michigan State University: $19,980,639
  5. Fresno State University, California: $19,244,175
  6. Ohio State University: $19,125,252
  7. Florida State University: $18,211,276
  8. Louisiana State University: $18,182,595
  9. University of Wisconsin-Madison: $18,155,108
  10. University of Southern California: $18,081,670

Who are the highest-earning active NFL players from the top schools?

The highest-earner from No. 1 University of California, Berkeley is none other than New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers with approximately $305,608,010 earned throughout his career.

From No. 2 Mississippi State University is Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, earning nearly $131,317,825 throughout his career.

Tennessee Titans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who attended No. 3 Clemson University, falls in a close third earning approximately $111,577,890.

Minnesota Vikings' Kirk Cousins from No. 4 Michigan State University has earned an approximate total career earnings of $201,669,486.

New Orleans Saints' Derek Carr attended No. 5 Fresno State University, California and has an estimated career earnings of $135,666,395.

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