The dilemma that is Jay Cutler


Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010
2:38 PM

By Frankie O

Hello again everybody! Frankie O here from behind the bar at Harry Carays. What are we talking about this week? More and more, theres one topic I cant get away from and thats Jay Cutler. No person takes over the psyche of a city like its starting quarterback. And trust me, were a long way from the hysteria of Cutler-mania that took over the city after his arrival here during the summer of 2009. There are 3 main factors at play here when considering the dilemma that is Jay Cutler: 1) His play. (Obviously) 2) His coaching. (Or lack thereof) 3) His attitude. (Thats a biggie) All of these things have combined to make a big mess, which has driven the team even further down and currently is hijacking all of the conversation at the bar! My take? Im glad you asked.

When he arrived here, he came with a lot of anticipation, and baggage. From the fans I talked to, they were over-the-top with excitement. In the media, he was getting crucified: nationally, in Denver (go figure!) and by a certain few media types in town here. My keen sense of bartender awareness told me not to believe the hype, at least until I saw it, and this must be one prickly dude. During his summer of love, I actually got to meet him at the restaurant and found him to be no different from most of the athletes Ive meet before. I couldnt help but tease him about the grief he was getting from 2 people in particular. He thought it funny that he had never met either of them. I thought it was funny, because from what they were saying, you would have thought they were dating.

Then the season started, and its been all downhill ever since. To the tune of a 10-12 record in games hes started and a mind-numbing 34-33 TDinterception ratio. Ouch! The result? Everyone wants his head. This guy is awful! Why did we give up so much for him? Can we get the guy with the neck-beard back? All things I here at work now every day!

My answer to all of this is simple. I think he has a ton of talent. I dont think that talent is being utilized by the very people who brought him here. That being said, I dont think he helps himself with his play on the field or how he explains himself afterward. I understand though that frustration can bring out the worst in us. But it is that old adage that it is not the tough time, but how we react to it. The scheme being used right now DOES NOT FIT HIM, no matter what everyone wants to say. Add to it that hes a human piata, and its no wonder that hes putting balls in all sorts of wrong places.
The two things that a QB needs are: To be protected and to be able to run the ball and this team has shown the ability to do neither. Nor have they shown the willingness to adapt. Cutler, historically, is a much better QB when he is out of the pocket, able to create separation and use his cannon arm. The only time he does that now is when he is running for his life. I have a feeling that none of this is going to change until he has a new offensive coordinator, head coach and general manager.

I may be the only one, but I think that Cutler will eventually show this town the QB that he can really be, on and off the field. All its going to take is someone to give him the tools to succeed and the good fortune to survive the beating, on and off the field, that he is going to take in the mean- time.

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