Bears legends campaign for Matt Eberflus staff hires


The Bears have their GM in place, and now reportedly have their head coach too, in Matt Eberflus. But there’s still a lot of work to be done, as the Bears fill out the rest of their front office and coaching staff. Now, several legendary Bears alums want a friendly face, for both the Bears and Eberflus, to return to Halas Hall.

Marinelli worked on Lovie Smith’s staff from 2009-2012, first as assistant head coach/defensive line coach, then assistant head coach/defensive coordinator. He also worked alongside Eberflus in Dallas from 2013-2017. Over that time, Eberflus was the Cowboys linebackers coach, and later their passing game coordinator. Meanwhile, Marinelli again started as a defensive line coach, and was quickly promoted to defensive coordinator. In fact, Eberflus’ use of “loafs” when grading players’ effort on every play is a term that he reportedly learned from Marinelli, and it’s a term that Smith used, as well.

“I'm a huge Rod Marinelli fan,” said Olin Kreutz on the Under Center Podcast. “He's tough. If he says that a guy can coach, if he puts his word behind somebody, that usually means this guy is the real deal, right?

“If Rod Marinelli gets here, he’ll have (Robert Quinn) running up the field. He’s going to be a terror on that end, oh yeah.”

Quinn got his start in the NFL as a defensive end, and enjoyed some of his best success rushing the passer with his hand in the dirt. The same can be said for Khalil Mack. That’s exactly what each man would do in Eberflus’ 4-3 defense, and Marinelli would support that transition as well.

Whether or not Eberflus brings in Marinelli, the Bears defense is likely to resemble the defense Smith put together during his tenure as head coach. Question now is, just how similar?

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