Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams tells Bears fans he's ‘ready to go' if the Bears draft him with the No. 1 pick

The USC quarterback is prepared to take on Chicago

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The day is finally here.

The first round of the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit is set to start on Thursday, with the Bears owning the No. 1 pick. At this juncture, we all know the Bears plan to select Caleb Williams with the No. 1 pick in the draft.

What's his message to Bears fans 24 hours away from his name being called?

"Chicago, if that's the place for me tomorrow, I can't wait. All I've heard is great things about you all. I'm ready to go," Williams told the media in Detroit.

Caleb Williams spoke to the media in Detroit before the NFL Draft. Williams shared a message for Chicago fans

Williams is not only ready for Chicago, but he's ready to get back to football in general.

"I'm ready. I want to get back to a football team," Williams said. "I haven't been on a football team since November 18. That's probably the toughest part for me and something I really want to get back to. Get in the locker room, be around the guys, be involved every single day and letting it rip."

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