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Dan Campbell tips his cap to Justin Fields ahead of Bears-Lions matchup

The Lions coach didn't mince words about the Bears quarterback

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Last time out against the Lions in Week 11, the Bears made life difficult for the Lions and their defense.

Justin Fields helped tremendously in his return from a thumb injury that kept him out for five weeks. He threw for 169 yards and one touchdown while running for a whopping 104 yards on the ground in Detroit.

That offensive production, and a consistent defensive thwarting from the Bears, helped pigeon-hole the Lions into a 12-point deficit late in the game. Unfortunately, we've seen this movie before. The Lions scored two quick touchdowns to take back the lead they first earned in the second quarter, winning the game.

But their win didn't discount how the Bears played for the first 56 minutes of a game they should've locked up. Lions head coach Dan Campbell understands this and refuses to underestimate the Bears, and especially, Justin Fields.

“He's [Fields] one of these rare, dangerous players and I'll tell you what he's done a really good job of from last year to this year is if it's a pass and he starts to move, he's still moving with eyes down the field much more than I felt like he had previously and that's extremely dangerous," Campbell said.

"Everything starts with him for us defensively and containing these guys."

Containing Fields on the ground was something the Lions struggled with mightily in 2022, too.

The first time around, Fields rushed for 147 yards and two touchdowns, falling one point short of defeating the Lions. He also threw for an additional two touchdowns through the air.

The second time around, well, was a different story. They figured him out through the air, forcing him into a 75-yard day on 7-of-21 passing. But on the ground, again, the Lions failed to stifle Fields. He rushed for 132 yards on 10 carries.

The Bears, currently 4-8, are desperate for a strong finish from a rather underwhelming season. A win over the Lions to make up for the one they should've had earlier this season would be a solid start.

"This is gonna be good. This is gonna be a good battle," Campbell said.

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