Caleb Williams

Former NFL GM declares he would draft Caleb Williams over Peyton Manning

Rick Spielman would take Caleb Williams over a lottttt of former No. 1 picks

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One of the major questions attached to the 2024 NFL draft class is whether or not Caleb Williams is that guy.

"Generational quarterback" is a stamp given to the USC quarterback by several pundits this season. But shaky games against Utah, Oregon and Notre Dame this season had others scratching their heads about his potential.

One former NFL GM in hypothetical re-drafting scenarios would take him over several quarterbacks, including Peyton Manning.

"Peyton was a ... back then, that was en vogue the pocket passer. Caleb (is) the notch up just because of the athleticism," former NFL GM Rick Spielman said.

The only quarterback Spielman wouldn't draft over Williams, in his eyes, was Andrew Luck. Spielman says he would draft Williams over Trevor Lawrence, Joe Burrow and even Dan Marino.

The Bears have the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL draft. They have the outright shot to draft Williams. And a recent report suggests their early evaluations are trending that way, too.

"I have talked to some people in and around the program who believe they will eventually land on a Caleb Williams or a quarterback at No. 1 but still has to be sorted out," Jeremy Fowler said on ESPN.

Fowler also said most people around the league feel Williams is the top quarterback in the draft. Part of his report, also, suggested the Bears are still in the very early stages of their draft study.

For what it's worth, Williams hasn't yet declared for the NFL draft. He has until Jan. 15 to declare for the 2024 NFL draft or return to USC.

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