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Here are five teams who could be interested in trading for Justin Fields

If the Bears were to move on from Fields, here's who might be interested in taking him on

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There are six weeks left in the NFL season. That means six more opportunities for Justin Fields to prove to the Bears he can be their franchise signal caller.

He flashed excellence against the Lions last Sunday, completing about 70% of his passes for 169 yards and one touchdown. He added 104 yards on the ground, too.

In telling fashion, the Bears took the ball out of Fields' hands late in the game, allowing the Lions to make a historic comeback. It appears Fields might be facing an uphill battle against a coaching staff and front office already sold on moving on from him.

If that's the case, here are five teams, in a nutshell. that might have interest in Fields:

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons had their shot at making Fields their quarterback for the future. However, in the 2021 NFL draft, they opted for tight end Kyle Pitts, who was expected to be an athletic unicorn for the position.

If the Bears decide to move on, the Falcons could have their shot to make up for passing on him. Fields is a Georgia native, once attending Georgia before transferring to Ohio State.

Desmond Ridder ranks 22nd in passer rating and 26th in QBR. He's thrown for a measly six touchdowns and six interceptions this season. And it doesn't appear to be improving down south.

How would Fields operate under Arthur Smith?

Las Vegas Raiders

I mean, did we really think Jimmy Garappolo was the answer? Aidan O'Connell doesn't appear as such, either.

The Raiders are 5-6 with the seventh-worst offense in the league. They busted out the victory cigars (seriously) after defeating the New York Jets in Week 10.

The Raiders fired Josh McDaniels and Mick Lombardi, clearing out the head honchos of their coaching staff. It's a new beginning in Las Vegas and a new, athletic quarterback might interest them.

The Raiders aren't used to having a dual-threat quarterback in their history, except for that one 2013 season with Terrelle Pryor (kinda).

But Justin Fields wouldn't be a bad one to start with.

Los Angeles Rams

Matthew Stafford's contract with the Rams is *gulp* huge.

If the Rams are serious about parting ways with their once Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Fields would be a solid replacement. Worst case scenario, he serves as a valuable placeholder for another quarterback.

Sure, they have Carson Wentz and Stetson Bennett. But Wentz is a free agent after this season and Bennett shouldn't get the job outright. Do the Rams believe in their quarterback development behind them to bring in Fields?

Seattle Seahawks

Geno Smith turned heads last season after his Pro Bowl season.

For what it's worth, he's not performing as poorly as the aforementioned veterans. He's in the top 20 for both QBR and passer rating among the rest of the NFL.

Could you imagine what Pete Caroll would chalk up with Fields as their quarterback? It's intriguing. Smith, 33, won't last forever, either.

New York Jets

Of course, you must throw in the team that devastatingly lost Aaron Rodgers to start the season.

Yes, he's been teasing a comeback before the season's end. But what about the long term? Is Rodgers their guy for an extensive amount of time? They could bridge the gap with Fields.

We know for certain it isn't Zach Wilson, who will sit on the bench for Tim Boyle next week. Maybe, like the Falcons, the Jets wouldn't mind going back on their 2021 NFL draft mistake for Fields.

For what it's worth, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Pittsburgh Steelers each get honorable mentions.

The Buccaneers stand in third place in the NFC South. If that isn't convincing enough to make some changes, I don't know what is. Baker Mayfield can't be the long-term answer.

Kenny Pickett will probably get another shot under center next year. But if Mike Tomlin & Co. have seen enough, would they be willing to take another failed Bears quarterback (CC: Mitch Trubisky)?

Remember, the Bears moving on from Fields is NOT a guarantee. There's a world where the organization has seen enough and is willing to keep building around him. There's also a world where the Bears draft a quarterback in the upcoming draft. Maybe, a quarterback competition is on the rise?

We'll get these answers after the season. But if Fields gets sent to the trade block suitors will arise.

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