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Kevin Warren confirms details about the Bears stadium project

The Bears CEO/President confirms the new stadium will have a roof

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All of Chicago is awaiting major details about the Bears' plans to build a new stadium somewhere in or around the city. In a letter to season ticket holders, Bears CEO/President Kevin Warren unveiled a detail about the stadium.

"I have embraced the opportunity to meet many of you, our Season Tickets Holders, who all share the same passion and enthusiasm to bring a Super Bowl victory to the Chicagoland area as well as a new, world-class fixed-roof stadium," Warren wrote.

While unconfirmed, it was always fairly obvious the Bears would be building a stadium with a roof. They said as much during their town hall meeting with Arlington Heights. Back then, however, Ted Phillips was in charge of the Bears' stadium project.

It's also important that Warren said "fixed roof," meaning the Bears will not have a retractable roof for their stadium that can accommodate inside and outside events. Without knowing the reason for a fixed roof, retractable ones are much more expensive.

The Bears are continuing with their plan to build a new stadium. The most significant update on the horizon is where the Bears will name their next stadium location. Warren mentioned as much in the letter, alluding that a decision is coming soon.

"Additionally, we are making progress on our stadium development plan," Warren wrote. "Our deliberate and intentional process continues, and when a site is selected and a decision is made, we will be sure to communicate the plan for our Season Ticket Holders. We know and understand the critical role you play in our future."

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