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NFL season decided by marbles? Here's how the Bears finished

The Bleacher Report staff used marbles to decide how the NFL season will unfold

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For all the marbles . . .

Bleacher Report used marbles to decide how they would bet on NFL futures, ranging from divisional wins, to conference winners and the Super Bowl winner.

Maybe, they'll finish more accurately than the TikTok corgi who hits balls into buckets with his nose.

Here is the video.

The marbles have the Minnesota Vikings winning the NFC North. The Bears' marble finished in second place behind the purple and gold.

Since the Bears aren't a projected playoff team on the sportsbook Bleacher Report used, they didn't get a marble to participate in the NFC championship round. The Dallas Cowboys marble won the NFC, while the New York Jets (of course) won the AFC championship marble race.

One smiling moment for Bears fans, however; the Green Bay Packers' marble won the "Toilet Bowl" round, signifying them as the worst team in the NFL with the worst record next season.

Can we do a marble race to see how Justin Fields will perform this season? Asking for a friend.

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