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Ryan Poles gives vote of confidence to Matt Eberflus before season finale

The Bears GM spoke glowingly of Matt Eberflus ahead of the Bears' final game of the season

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Pundits and outsiders have speculated much this season that head coach Matt Eberflus' job could be on the line after several disappointing points.

But general manager Ryan Poles gave Eberflus a vote of confidence ahead of their season finale against the Packers on the road.

“You can go back to the original press conference [in January 2023] and things I was looking for," Poles said pregame on ESPN 1000. "One was leadership and mental toughness and the steady hand to really captain the ship when the seas are rough. And they got rough at certain times — certainly last year, early this year, there was some sudden change.

"He was steady at the wheel. He fought to get back above water and get things the way they were. His ability to adapt and adjust, really take input from the players, to get this thing on the right path was incredible. I think a lot of people would have been in really bad shape and crumbled to the pressure. He got better with the pressure, and so did our football team.”

Poles makes an excellent case for his head coach. The seas were rough to start the season in several instances, yet Eberflus fought back valiantly and helped lead the Bears on their current hot streak.

Early in the season, defensive coordinator Alan Williams unexpectedly resigned from his position. The Bears also fired running backs coach David Walker. They earned some microscopic attention from Chase Claypool's disappointing stint with the team, too.

On the field, things weren't going any better. The Bears started this season 0-4, losing by 18 points to the Packers, falling flat against the Chiefs with Taylor Swift in attendance and blowing a 20-point lead to the Denver Broncos at home. Nothing seemed to be going well.

But, Eberflus & Co. rose from the ashes. The Bears have won five of their last seven games. They've won their last five home games, finishing their home slate 5-3 this season. And they own the 16th offense and 20th-ranked defense in the league, as it stands.

For that, it appears Eberflus' job is safe. Recent reports would confirm the same. Earlier Sunday, ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter suggested Eberflus is safe this offseason.

“Despite the fact there was speculation early in the year that he could be out, the Bears have finished strong. They’ve played well. They have draft capital. The players like playing for him,” he said.

Schefter classified Eberflus’ status as “leaning safe” on the broadcast, pointing to the team’s improvements and their willingness to play for the coach.

Does that mean everyone else is safe? Like Luke Getsy?

That's to be seen. But it appears the Bears won't need to go head coach hunting this offseason.

“We will evaluate the coaching staff, the players, get a holistic look on where we are and how far we’ve come, and go from there. Looking forward to that process. The goal is just to continue to get better," Poles said.

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