Ryan Poles

Ryan Poles slept at Halas Hall for a pivotal moment in his inaugural season

During his first season in office, Ryan Poles slept at Halas Hall

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How often do you sleep at work?

Better question -- have you ever slept at work? And I'm not talking about a midday nap. I mean cozying up in your office overnight, as to stay on task and cut out unnecessary time wasted elsewhere.

Ryan Poles knows a thing or two about sleeping at the office.

"Three months after he was hired as the Bears GM on Jan. 25, Poles was sleeping at Halas Hall during his first draft," ESPN's Courtney Cronin wrote.

Yes, you read that right. To ensure he executes as close to a perfect draft as possible during his first offseason as the Bears' general manager, Poles literally ate, worked, and slept.

"That was not healthy doing that last year," Poles said. "I don't ever want to go through that again. But it was necessary to get the job done, so a little bit different approach."

Poles finished with a respectable draft class in 2022.

His first two picks, Kyler Gordon and Jaquan Brisker, seem bona fide hits after solid rookie seasons. His fifth-round pick, Braxton Jones, immediately took over the starting left tackle spot and was the only Bears player to play every single offensive snap.

Velus Jones Jr., Zachary Thomas, Trestan Ebner and Elijah Hicks haven't amounted to much. But he drafted to the best of the team's abilities -- without a first-round pick -- and filled key holes in the Bears' roster.

He also made an impression with his dedication to the craft, taking the expression "sleep on it" to a literal fashion.

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